Gregory Lang is a curator and art consultant, with 28 years of experience in contemporary art, working with private collections and institutions. He founded Solang Production Paris Brussels in 2008 to stimulate and develop projects linking artists, the art scene and market.

Closely engaged with artists, curators and collectors in their creative process and research, Gregory co-produces exhibitions, installations, site specific works, films, and editions.

Among current film productions are ‘Biomimetics’ by Pierre Jean Giloux, ‘Hello, Are We in the Show?’ by Denicolai & Provost, ‘Invisible Cities’ tetralogy by Pierre Jean Giloux, ‘Krach Audition’ by Alexandre Perigot, ‘Anarchism Without Adjectives: On the Work of Christopher D’Arcangelo’, and ‘Bernard Heidsieck, Poésie action’. New collaborations are in progress with artists Marc Buchy and Matan Mittwoch.

Gregory just curated the exhibition On the approach at Fondation CAB – Saint-Paul-de-Vence (April to October 2022) with a dozen works from its collection. This selection brings together minimalist artworks by artists American (Dan Flavin, Kenneth Noland, Keith Sonnier, Frank Stella, Anne Truitt) and European artists (Josef Albers, Martin Barré, André Cadere, Ann Veronica Janssens, Imi Knœbel, Claude Rutault, Heimo Zobernig).

In September 2022, he will curate On the lookout at Fondation CAB – Brussels, an exhibition which higlights the work of contemporary artists exploring color variations with international and Brussels based artists (Irma Blank, Nadia Guerroui, Ann Veronica Jansens, Labau, Adrien Lucca, Dimitri Mallet, Luis Motta, Morgane Tschiember and Pieter Vermeersch)..

The 2021-2022 curated exhibition Inaspettatamente displayed a selection of 315 works by 250 artists over 10 years of acquisition by the collector Frédéric de Goldschmidt. The group show features a selection of the collection through the eyes of Alighiero Boetti and in dialogue with 13 pieces of him, presented in all the buildings of Cloud Seven, downtown Brussels. Until October 2022, 5 rooms of the exhibition are still visible on the theme of order and disorder.

New publication: Full House, Mercatofonds and Yale University Press

Recent exhibitions include GIGANTISME – Art & Industrie as a co-guest curator with Géraldine Gourbe for the first Dunkirk Triennial at FRAC Grand Large and LAAC museum; Fernanda Fragateiro and Carlos Bunga: a conversation on lines at FdG projects, Portuguese inclinations (3 solos by Fernanda Fragateiro, Jose Pedro Croft, Rui Calçada Bastos) after Slice and Dice at Irène Laub Gallery in Brussels, Invisible Cities with Pierre Jean Giloux for FWB at Art Brussels; Untitled (Monochrome), 1957-2017 at Richard Taittinger Gallery, in New York, Wanderings at Cristina Guerra, in Lisbon, Xerox and Modus Operandi at Société-d-électricité, A year without image at Anima Ludens, in Brussels, James Lee Byars, part III at Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, in Rotterdam, Artists and Architecture, Variables dimensions at Pavillon de l’Arsenal, in Paris, and MAAT, in Lisbon.

Actively involved with artists and architecture, site specific installations, and publications, Gregory collaborated with Collection Intégration d’une oeuvre d’art – Fédération-Wallonie-Bruxelles, and participated to juries and commissions such as the CNAP committee: ‘artist support for research and production’.